Upcoming Contracting Opportunities

As part of GRTC's Supplier Diversity efforts, we want to provide the following preview of upcoming contracting opportunities with GRTC. These items and estimated timelines are subject to change. 


Elevator Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Preventative maintenance on two elevators consisting of examine elevator equipment for optimum operation on a monthly basis.  Exam, lubricate, and adjust control and landing positioning systems; signal fixtures; machines, drives, motors, governers, sheaves, and wire ropes; power units, pumps, valves and jacks; car and hoistway door operating devices and door protection equipment; loadweighers, car frames and platforms, and counterweights; safety mechanisms.   Perform telephone monitoring and emergency call service.perform annual periodic safety testing. 

Small Purchase $4,000.00 July 2017 - June 2018 February 2018

GRTC Interior Painting Project - Phase I

Furnish all labor and materials necessary for the complete painting of existing painted interior walls (ceilings excluded), door frames, steel doors (as required in specs).  Phase I areas to be painted will focus on public engagement interior spaces of the Administration Bldg and heavely used corridors and rooms within the second floor Maintenance Building.  All materials shall meet LEEDS certification.  Paint colors and materials shall be compatible with the existing paint materials.  The Facility is used 22 hours each day.  A high degree of coordination with GRTC staff will be required.  Night work activities may be required.  Work hour activities will be addressed in the bid specifications. 

IFB $40,000.00 TBD On hold.

GRTC Administration Building Paving Repair Project

Work will involve asphalt crack repair with seal coat and re-stripe of the parking spaces in the approx. 109,000 SF asphalt employee parking lot at GRTC Administration Building and approach driveway with limited asphapt removal and replacement. 

IFB $180,000.00 TBD On hold.
(None at this time)          
Server Replacement

Replacing 6 Dell R610 Servers for virtual environment that have reached their end of life. This will also replace 3 Dell 

Equalogic SANs that have also reached their end of life. This infrastructures supports over 70 virtual servers and our backup systems. 

TBD $100,000.00 TBD On hold.
Translation Services

Provide translation services on an as needed basis into other languages (primarily Spanish). ​ 

Small Purchase Quote $3,600.00 Pending  As-needed

Bus Stop Concrete Improvements

GRTC has inventoried all bus stops, identifying the ADA state of each bus stop. In an effort to improve the state of many of the stops, GRTC will be working to improve the landing pads and installing new landing pads at a select amount of bus stops.

IFB $500,000.00 TBD July 2018

Bus Stop Shelter Design

GRTC is planning to create a new shelter design to install at bus stops.​

RFP $30,000.00 TBD On hold.

Employee Transportation Coordinator Recognition Event

Host an event recognizing ETCs from employer sites. Event will need a venue and possible caterering (contigent upon venue)

TBD $4,500.00 TBD Late Summer / Fall 2018
Recognition Awards

Purchase trophies, plaques and various promotional items to use as awards for GRTC's Safety Program Initiative and annual Bus Rodeo competition. 

Small Purchase $5,000.00 TBD September 2018

CPR and AED Reclassification Traning

Seeking  training and certification services to recertify 8-10 individuals on First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

TBD $2,000.00 TBD June 2018

None at this time