How To Ride GRTC Pulse

GRTC Pulse is a modern, high quality, high capacity rapid transit system that will serve a 7.6-mile route along Broad Street and Main Street, from Rocketts Landing in the City of Richmond to Willow Lawn in Henrico County. GRTC Pulse is jointly sponsored by Bon Secours Richmond Health System and VCU Health System. The Pulse will link to many exciting destinations, businesses, services and restaurants when service begins Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Before we welcome you aboard, there are important safety tips you need to know.

Pulse Safety 

  1. Construction Continues: Work continues to progress for the Pulse project.  Drivers are encouraged to pay close attention to Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) signage indicating differing lane closures in locations where work is occurring. Motorists traveling the project route should be advised that changes in some traffic turn signals, lanes and permanent parking configurations are taking effect now and into the coming weeks. Please drive carefully and adhere to all posted signs.  For assistance, please call the Pulse Construction Hotline 804-980-0084.
  2. New Traffic Signals: New traffic signals are becoming active, including in locations that were not previously signalized. Please remain alert for these changes and follow the lights. 
  3. New Pedestrian Crossings: There are new ADA pedestrian access North-South across Broad St. Please yield to pedestrians in these marked crosswalks.
  4. Median Station Access: Some Pulse stations are located at signalized intersections with ADA pedestrian crosswalks to access the median stations. Pedestrian crossings are timed with the traffic signals at the intersection so that Pulse passengers may safely cross to and from the median station. In the event a pedestrian misses the crossing signal, there is refuge at the median station and a push-button to request crossing access. 
  5. New Bike Parking & Safety: There is bike parking at all Pulse station areas, as well as on the front of all Pulse vehicles. Foldable or compact bikes are welcome inside Pulse vehicles. Please walk bikes through Pulse station platforms, bike ramps and crosswalks. Please only load bikes on the front of Pulse vehicles via the bike ramp. Please do not bike in Bus Only marked lanes, unless Downtown between 4th and 14th Sts.
  6. General Station Safety: 

    • Please only utilize marked pedestrian access areas at or through station platforms.

    • Do not jump railings or brick kneewalls. 

    • Do not skateboard on or through the stations.

    • Do not climb or lean outside the protected station area.

    • Do not jump into travel lanes from the platform. 

    • Do not walk down the median; please utilize sidewalks and marked crosswalks.

    • Do not drive in Bus Only marked lanes, except when right-turning Downtown between 4th and 14th Sts.

    • Do not attempt to make u-turns in gaps between station platforms. Utilize only signalized left-turn and u-turn locations.

Riding the Pulse: Overview

Riding the GRTC Pulse is easy, but by reviewing this information, you'll learn how to ride the Pulse.

Pulse Stations & Boarding

There are two types of stations – ones on the curbside, and ones in the middle of the road at signalized intersections.

Paying to Ride the Pulse

Once at a Pulse station, you can conveniently purchase most bus fares at the ticket vending machine. The fare to ride the Pulse is the same as local routes, including reduced fare for eligible customers. With a variety of ways to pay, please have your fare ready prior to departure.

Riding the Pulse

While on-board, GRTC offers FREE wifi access! Review other tips for your trip

Connecting With Bikes

GRTC Pulse connects cyclists to many popular biking destinations along the route. There are three easy ways to connect between the Pulse and a bike: load your own bike onto the front of the Pulse; park your bike at a Pulse station; or borrow one of the RVA Bike Share bikes conveniently located near several Pulse stations.

Sharing the Road

Sharing the road with the new GRTC Pulse service is easy and provides safer travel than ever before on Broad and Main Streets.