Go Card Details

GRTC Go Card being swiped on bus

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Where to Get Your Go Card 

For the location nearest you, please visit our Where To Buy page or look at the map below.  Go Cards are not available at GRTC Headquarters.

How to Use Your Go Card 

  1. The Go Card has a large arrow on the logo side of the card.  With the arrow pointing down and the logo facing you, insert it  into the TRIM unit.  
  2. The TRIM unit will deduct one (1) fare each time the card is inserted.  
  3. Want a transfer?  First tell the Operator that you want a transfer before inserting the Go Card into the TRIM unit.  
  4. After each use, the TRIM unit will print the remaining value on the back of the card (up to 24 entries).  
  5. If there are more transactions that can be recorded on the back of the Go Card, the TRIM unit will issue another card, which resembles a transfer ticket, with the remaining value on it.  The new card can be used until there is no value left.  
  6. When a Go Card falls below the amount needed to pay the fare, the difference can be made up with another Go Card.  The customer simply puts the older Go Card in first and then the second one to pay the remaining fare.  
  7. If the Go Card is placed in the dollar slot, the fare box will take the card and not give credit for a fare.  These cards may not be returned.  You will have to pay your fare with cash or another Go Card.  

GRTC’s Fare Media Policy 

GRTC is not responsible for returning any Go Cards placed in the fare box by mistake.  The only exception is if the customer reports the serial number of the Go Card to GRTC using a Refund Form received from the bus operator.  Or, the customer can contact  GRTC’s Customer Service Center and give them the serial number.

It is the responsibility of the customer to keep the Go Card in their possession.  Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced by GRTC. 

If the Go Card becomes unusable (the TRIM unit cannot read it), the card must be returned to GRTC Transit System, 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23224.  The card balance will be checked.  If a remaining value is verified, a refund check will be mailed to the customer. 

Only GRTC is authorized to make refunds.  Go Card vendors will not make any type of refund. 

If you have additional questions about GRTC’s Fare Media Policy, please call the Customer Service Center at (804) 358-GRTC (4782).