Where to Buy Fare Passes

Not all passes are sold on the Farebox or Ticket Vending Machine. Use this guide to know where to buy which pass!

NEW: Purchase most passes from Ticket Vending Machines. (Click here to learn how to pay for your pass at a Ticket Vending Machine).

GRTC DOES NOT SELL PASSES AT GRTC HEADQUARTERS. If you are a reduced fare customer and are purchasing your 7- or 30-day unlimited ride pass at GRTC from the Eligibility Coordinator, you may pay with Check or Money Order ONLY. 
ALL passes are sold at RideFinders, and you may pay with credit/debit/check/money order.

If you would like to purchase a reduced fare pass at RideFinders for someone else, you may do so! (Click here to learn more about reduced fares).

(CLICK HERE to view this guide as a PDF)

To find the nearest GRTC fare outlet, simply enter your address in the field below and hit "Search".  
Note: Not all fare types are sold at every sales outlet.  Please keep this in mind as you browse the list of locations. If you are interested in buying a new unlimited ride fare pass, please contact your vendor to check for their availability.

Remember, you can always pay in cash/coin when you board the bus!  Visit our Fares & Rates page for a list of cash-based fares. 

You can also purchase new fare passes in the Online Transit Store!

Click Here For A Vendor Map PDF 

(Updated June 2019)