How To Ride Guide

Is this your first time riding GRTC?

Begin here and ride like a pro! 

This How To Ride Guide takes away the anxiety and stress of learning how to ride and makes connecting with your destinations easy. You'll know how to get where you're going, relax, and enjoy the ride! We also have a How To Ride Video Tutorial series to eliminate the fear of the unknown.

Welcome Aboard!
(Guia Como Viajar en ESPAÑOL)


Before heading to your bus stop or Park N Ride, take a few minutes to get familiar with your fare options.

GRTC passes are available in a one ride pass, one ride plus pass, and unlimited one, 7 and 30 day ride pass options. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about our fares and where you can buy which passes.

All passes are valid from their activation on the farebox until the end date and time printed on the back of the pass. Passes are non-transferable.

If you only ride one-way on two buses, there is a special bus pass just for you called the "One Ride Plus Pass" that costs $1.75 and it can be purchased at the farebox, at RideFinders, through our online transit store or at retail locations.

This pass allows you to purchase a ride going to your destination on one bus, then connect onto your next bus to continue your trip. If you happen to be a Reduced Fare customer, ask your operator for a Reduced One Ride Pass. You get a free connection onto another bus.

Ways to buy your pass:


Make sure to arrive at your bus stop approximately 5 minutes before your bus is scheduled for pick-up. This helps to ensure you will not miss your scheduled bus.

For your safety, please make sure to stay in the bus shelter or on the sidewalk while waiting. 

Please make sure that you have cash fare or pass in hand before boarding.

Please be patient while waiting for your bus. The operator will open the bus doors once the bus has come to a complete stop.

Please wait until exiting passengers have stepped off the bus before boarding.

When boarding a GRTC bus, please remember to use the handrails for assistance.

Now you are ready to pay your fare!


If this is the first time using your GRTC bus pass, tap it on the farebox to activate it on the smart reader.

The next time you ride, simply tap again in the same place.

Once you see a green check mark telling you that your fare is paid, you may take your seat. If you see a red X mark, both the farebox and your operator can help you.

If you are paying your fare in cash, insert your cash into the appropriate dollar bill and coin slot in the farebox. Remember, exact change is required.

(Senior, Disabled, Medicare, Minor)

GRTC offers a Reduced Fare Program, which allows customers to receive a reduced fare of 75 cents on all local routes.

In order to receive the Reduced Fare, you need to meet one of the following:

  • Adult 65 years of age or older.
  • Customers with certain disabilities.
  • Minors aged 6 through 18.

Reduced Fare customers (Seniors and Minors) must show a photo ID card with proof of age. Medicare customers must show a Medicare card and a photo ID card.

After you show your acceptable form of ID, wait for your operator to hit the appropriate key on the farebox, and then pay your fare.

If you need to connect onto another bus, please tell the operator before you pay your fare. One connection is free on all local bus routes only for customers who qualify for Reduced Fare.


After you have boarded the bus, please do not hesitate to locate your seat.

Please respect priority seats. Priority seats are located at the front of every bus and are reserved for our Senior and Disabled riders.

Please make sure to keep your personal belongings either on your lap or at your feet. Blocking aisles and using additional seat space for carry-on items is not permitted.

If the bus ever becomes full and you are required to stand, for your safety please make sure to hold onto the handles and stand behind the white line at the front of the bus.

When listening to personal audio devices, please use earphones with the volume set at levels that do not disturb fellow passengers.

Please keep phone calls at a volume that does not disturb fellow passengers.

GRTC Rules Of Riding

And now just sit back and enjoy your ride!


Exiting the bus is easy if you follow a few simple steps.

You will hear the bus announce the approaching bus stop.

Pull on the cord or press the yellow strip to let the operator know that you would like the bus to stop at the next bus stop. The bus will announce that a stop has been requested. (Pulse buses service every Pulse station, and there is no need to request a stop).

When the bus comes to a complete stop, please be sure to gather up your belongings.

Remember to use the handrails when exiting.

For your safety, please make sure to step away from the bus after you have exited.

If you drop something, wait until the bus has safely pulled away before retrieving it.


Use our Bus Tracker or download our Free Mobile App

Play It Safe

  • Remember bus steps and sidewalks become slippery from rain or snow.  Use handrails for assistance when boarding or exiting.
  • GRTC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Passengers are not permitted to extend hands, arms, heads or objects of any kind from the windows of the bus while the bus is in motion or stopped.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow emergency instructions from your GRTC bus operator.
  • Keep children safe in their seats to avoid distracting the bus operator and other passengers.

Still Need Help?

Connect with one of GRTC's helpful Customer Service Representatives. We look forward to assisting you!

Customer Service Center:
(804) 358-GRTC (4782)
Monday – Friday, 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday/Sunday, 8:30 am – 9:00 pm