$10 Go Cards Retiring December 30, 2017

Effective Sunday, October 29th GRTC & Vendors stop selling the $10 GoCard.  $10 GoCards will continue to be accepted at GRTC fareboxes through December 30, 2017.

If you don’t think you will be able to use up your $10 GoCard(s) by December 30th, you can trade it in for a pass(es) of equivalent value at the Temporary Transfer Plaza or RideFinders (customer service dates will be posted at RideGRTC.com).

GRTC is preparing for a major technology upgrade that will mean improved fare payment choices for you! Soon, you will be able to simply tap your pass at a GRTC farebox or Pulse ticket vending machine and ride. We are also preparing to launch a new mobile payment app, enabling you to scan at the farebox or Pulse ticket vending machine and pay securely. Finally, soon GRTC will upgrade our fare system technology with fare web portal capabilities and a reloadable smart card system. We are excited to provide these important updates for you soon!

As always, exact fare is required; GRTC fareboxes do not issue change. Customers paying with cash or GoCards at the farebox will still receive a magnetic stripe pass from the farebox, which will be accepted on other fareboxes or serve as proof of payment on the new Pulse to Fare Enforcers.

Have questions? We have answers! Click here for our Fares FAQs.