1st Street Bridge I-95 Bridge Rehabilitation

1st Street I-95 Bridge Rehabilitation
Northbound traffic detour beginning Monday, 3/14/2022

Updated 3/24/2022

Map of Jackson Ward showing the detour of Route 2A/B/C northbound during construction on the 1st Street bridge through Gilpin Court.

WHERE: 1st Street bridge over I-95 between Baker and Duval Streets.

WHAT: Northbound side of the 1st Street bridge will be closed to traffic, but southbound travel remains open during construction.

WHEN: Beginning Monday, 3/21/2022. 24 hours a day for approximately 2 years. Learn more about the I-95 Bridge Rehabilitation Project here.

DETOURS: Routes 2A/B/C northbound only detours: From 2nd Street, turn left on Leigh Street, turn right on Chamberlayne Parkway, turn right on Charity Street, turn left on 1st Street, and resume regular route. No southbound detour, but delays are possible as a temporary traffic signal is installed.

MISSED STOPS: #116 (2nd + Leigh), #854 (Duval + 1st), and #46 (1st + Baker). Use stops #1530 (Leigh + 1st), #188 (Chamberlayne + Price), #682 (Chamberlayne + Charity), and #50 (1st + Federal) as an alternative. No southbound stops missed.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.