Broad Street Repaving Project

Major Service Impacts Beginning Monday, 4/11/22.

Status: Repaving work complete. See pavement marking impacts.
Last updated May 13.


Map detailing the phases of the Broad Street repaving project. Phase 1 is in red, Phase 2 is in orange, Phase 3 is in purple, Phase 4 is in green, and Phase 5 is in light blue.

WHERE: Broad Street between 3rd Street downtown and the Richmond City/Henrico County line near Staples Mill Road.

WHAT: Paving, milling, and paint work will detour many GRTC buses including the Pulse in five phases of construction.

WHEN: Monday, 4/11/2022 to Tuesday, 6/21/2022. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Construction will only stop for rain or mechanical issues.

IMPACTS: Many GRTC buses will be on detour off Broad Street. Detailed detours for each route are listed below.

Repaving Pattern: Paving starts in westbound lanes, then changes to the eastbound lanes at the end of each phase before moving on.

Graphic visual of the repaving pattern first going westbound then pivoting eastbound in each phase of the project.

Phase 1 westbound: 3rd Street to Belvidere Street.

Phase 1 eastbound: Belvidere Street to 3rd Street.

Phase 2 westbound: Belvidere Street to Meadow Street.

Phase 2 eastbound: Meadow Street to Belvidere Street.

Phase 3 westbound: Meadow Street to Arthur Ashe Blvd.

Phase 3 eastbound: Arthur Ashe Blvd to Meadow Street. 

Phase 4 westbound: Arthur Ashe Blvd to Hamilton Street.

Phase 4 eastbound: Hamilton Street to Arthur Ashe Blvd.

Phase 5 westbound: Hamilton Street to Staples Mill Road. 

Phase 5 eastbound: Staples Mill Road to Hamilton Street.

Work progress is approximate and subject to weather conditions.


Pulse Bus Only Lane Painting:

About 30 days after each phase is complete, the City of Richmond will paint the median Pulse Bus Only lanes red between Thompson and Foushee Streets. This color is the international standard for transit-only traffic. The red lanes will alert other drivers to vacate the dedicated lane to help improve efficiency and pedestrian safety.