Bus Stop Temporary Closure: #2487 Broad & Hancock WB

Effective Tuesday, June 20, 2017 until VCU & VUU station construction is complete, Bus Stop #2487 (Broad & Hancock WB) is temporarily closed.

The two closest open bus stops are:

  • Broad & Ryland WB #464
  • Broad & Gilmer WB #428

There is about 0.4 miles between these two open WB stops.

GRTC offers the following two choices for customers unable to access their bus stop in a work zone.

  • Customers can request a stop at the next open bus stop. Before exiting the bus, ask the Operator for a free "Emergency Transfer" to board a bus across the street. Ride that bus back to the original destination, cross the street again in the pedestrian pathways through the work zone.
    Please note: this free pass is timed to accommodate customers needing to connect onto a different bus as a result of a closed bus stop.
  • Customers may remain on the bus to the Temporary Transfer Plaza and ride back to the original destination across the street without paying another fare.

Thank you for your patience during construction.

For assistance, please call the GRTC Customer Service Center at 804-358-4782