Discontinued and Relocated Bus Stops

In preparation for the new Pulse stations under construction and forthcoming Pulse service, the following local bus stops have been discontinued or relocated. Discontinued bus stops have been completely removed.  Relocated bus stops are active, unless otherwise noted.




486 Broad & Thompson EB

485 Broad & Thompson WB


470 Broad & Sheppard WB


484 Broad & Terminal WB

418 Broad & Davis EB

419 Broad & Davis WB


433 Broad & Harrison WB

454 Broad & Monroe EB

455 Broad & Monroe WB

439 Broad & Jefferson EB


363 Broad & 1st EB

364 Broad & 1st WB

365 Broad & 2nd EB

368 Broad & 3rd WB

373 Broad & 5th EB


380 Broad & 7th EB

2999 Broad & 6th WB

353 Broad & 12th EB


1615 Main & 17th EB

1614 Main & 17th WB

1626 Main & 25th EB


For these discontinued bus stops, please contact GRTC’s Customer Service Center at 804-358-4782 to learn about alternative, nearby bus stops. 

The following bus stops were relocated this week as construction advances, and are open for service.  




405 Broad & Willow Lawn EB
(Relocated on the other side of CVS entrance near new Pulse station – Willow Lawn)


411 Broad & Chantilly EB (Relocated near new Pulse station – Staples Mill)

412 Broad & Chantilly WB (Relocated near new Pulse station – Staples Mill)

459 Broad & Robinson EB (Relocating near new Pulse station – Science Museum. TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE)

460 Broad & Robinson WB (Relocating near new Pulse station – Science Museum. TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE)


392 Broad & Allison WB (Relocated west in front of building, near new Pulse station – Allison St)

432 Broad & Shafer EB (Relocated east in front of 7-11 store front, near new Pulse station – VCU & VUU)



440 Broad & Jefferson WB (Relocated to farside Adams St, near new Pulse station – Arts District)

383 Broad & 9th EB (Relocated to farside 8th St, near new Pulse station – Government Center)



354 Broad & 12th WB (Relocated midblock, near new Pulse station – VCU Hospital)


1613 Main & 15th WB (Relocated to farside 15th in front of the VDOT Parking Lot, near new Pulse station – Main Street Station)

1625 Main & 24th EB (Relocated to nearside 25th, near new Pulse station – Shockoe Bottom)



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Call GRTC Customer Service Center at 804-358-GRTC (4782).
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