GRTC COVID-19 Passenger Policies Update August 2021

Information Below Revised August 18, 2021

GRTC continues to update passenger policies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. More space on-board for passengers may be available at the bus Operator's discretion. The barrier cord may be placed behind priority seating area (its placement during the majority of the pandemic), forward, or entirely removed, which may allow for more standing room as ridership continues to increase on many local routes. GRTC's top priority is the safety of Operators because healthy staff ensures reliable service for customers. Customers are cautioned that as ridership continues to increase, there may be times when buses are full and in Drop Off Only mode.

Because of the increase in community transmission resulting from the Delta variant, GRTC will continue rear door boarding for most passengers to protect Operators at the front. Front door boarding remains open for passengers needing assistance, the ramp, or ADA seating at the front. With the return to in-person school, unaccompanied minors are permitted to ride.

The Federal Mask Order remains in effect through January 18, 2022, which means all passengers must continue to properly wear face masks throughout their trip with GRTC, regardless of vaccination status. However, GRTC plans to continue a mask mandate for passengers and staff beyond this date.

Passengers with symptoms of illness are asked not to ride. Customers are still not permitted to have an extended ride (a ride that is more than one round trip); passengers must exit the bus when reaching the stop where they originally boarded. Reduced service on most Express routes and several local routes continues, but ridership is being monitored for future adjustments as demand increases. For a preview of the September 12, 2021 service updates, please visit our website.

GRTC remains Zero Fare on bus and CARE services (excludes CARE On-Demand) at least through June 30, 2022. Daily disinfecting of the entire fleet continues, and on-board hand sanitizer stations are available. The GRTC Administrative Office and the RideFinders Downtown Office remain closed to the public, and Lost & Found is available by appointment only.

The COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way to protect people from COVID-19, but ongoing public health measures are encouraged long-term, including wearing face masks on GRTC and using hand sanitizer frequently. For the most complete and latest GRTC updates during this pandemic, please visit our website.

GRTC is a public service corporation providing mobility services in the Greater Richmond area. GRTC’s current operational budget (FY22) of $63.2 million primarily funds daily mobility operations and vehicle maintenance. GRTC provided 7.8 million trips during FY21 (July 1, 2020 – July 30, 2021).