GRTC Rider Update January 10, 2022

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GRTC Downtown Transfer Plaza Changes Coming Soon

GRTC Route 5 Eastbound bus serves Bay E at the Temporary Transfer Plaza
IMAGE: GRTC Route 5 Eastbound bus serves Bay E at the Downtown Transfer Plaza with a shelter, bench, and trashcan nearby.
January 10, 2022

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Downtown Transfer Plaza Changes Coming Soon! Soon GRTC will update the Downtown Transfer Plaza with new bus bay locations on 9th, Clay, and 8th Streets to accommodate nearby construction zones and preserve bus rider connections at night and on Sundays. Several bus stop shelters, benches, and trash cans will be relocated to new bay locations on Clay and 8th St., and wayfinding maps will be posted nearby for riders. New on-board announcements will explain the bay locations and routes serving them when buses approach the Plaza. GRTC expects the updates may be necessary as soon as February 2022.

Four bays will not change at all – A, B, C, and D. However, Bays E and F relocate to Clay and Bays G, H, and I will relocate to 8th St. Bus Stop #2522 at 9th and Marshall will become Bay J. Because of nearby construction, some pedestrian pathways may be closed. Riders should only use marked pedestrian crossings at the Plaza.

Downtown Transfer Plaza map changes coming soon
Click on map to load larger.

This week, GRTC staff will begin installation of new bus bay stop signs, post new wayfinding materials, and coordinate with construction crews on relocation of shelters, benches, and trash cans in advance of sidewalk closures.

Another temporary update to the Downtown Transfer Plaza is expected later in 2022 when bays will move within the 8th St. surface parking lot between 8th and 9th Sts., and Leigh and Clay Sts., fully relocating bus bays from on-street to a designated lot out of the flow of general traffic. The City of Richmond and GRTC are collaborating on these updates in 2022.   

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Schedule: On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 17th, GRTC operates a Saturday schedule.

Modified Schedules Continue: Because of ongoing labor shortages, GRTC modified schedules in December 2021. Schedule changes are on Routes 1A, 4A, 4B, 5, 12, 13, 14, 20, 76, 77, 78, 88, and Pulse. All public timetables are available online and are being distributed to area public displays.

On-Demand Pilot: To provide another mobility option for customers affected by the temporary service adjustments during early morning and late night, GRTC is piloting a new on-demand service between bus stops. Customers can request a ride Monday – Friday between 5AM-6AM and 11PM-2AM only, excluding observed Holidays falling on weekdays when GRTC operates a weekend schedule. GRTC remains Zero Fare. 

Federal Mask Order Still In Effect: The mask mandate on public transit remains in effect through March 18, 2022. Face masks must be worn properly over both nose and mouth, and must comply with the Federal Order. FAQs about the Order

A passenger wearing a face mask waves
IMAGE: A bus passenger wearing a face mask waves.

We Are Hiring Operators & Maintenance staff: Sign-on bonuses are now offered to new full-time operators ($5,000) and mechanics ($8,500)! Applicants only need a Virginia Driver’s License – GRTC will train you and help you earn your CDL. Visit and apply today to join the GRTC Family!

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