GRTC Service Alert May 2nd-3rd

GRTC cautions all riders that there may be some remaining service disruptions this weekend while bus Operators finalize voluntarily testing for COVID-19. As staff await results, which can take a day or two, GRTC requests that customers prepare to make alternative arrangements for all essential trips this weekend. 

GRTC plans to ensure there is at least one bus in service on all routes Saturday and Sunday, but that means some routes may have hourly service. Bus resources continue to be prioritized to high-ridership routes to encourage social distancing on-board.

All critical health care trips on GRTC CARE service will be met. All service impacts will be posted on GRTC’s website and communicated through Customer Service at 804-358-4782.

High-touch surfaces at GRTC facilities and vehicles are disinfected daily with many areas also cleaned regularly during and between shifts. Staff also continue to practice social distancing and follow CDC guidance to wear cloth face coverings.

Customers are strongly encouraged to wear cloth face masks or coverings while riding to protect GRTC staff and other passengers according to CDC guidelines.

For the most complete and latest GRTC updates during this pandemic, please visit our website.