GRTC Transit On The Go! Mobile App Update March 28, 2021

WHAT: GRTC Transit On The Go! Mobile App Update

WHEN: March 28, 2021 (Many devices will update automatically, but if you don’t see the updated version, please go to the App Store and click on "update." If the update still does not appear, you will need to delete the old GRTC app and install the new version from the App Store).

WHY: Required Software Development Kit update.

WHAT’S NEW: Updates are both cosmetic and functional, making it easier to see your bus location and bus stops, with improved live tracking on the map.

APP TOUR: All the familiar tools are still there, including Trip Planner and Bus Tracking, but there are new ways to find information.

When you first open the app, it will show a blank map and a GPS icon for your current location.

Blank map on the mobile app screen upon first opening

Touch the bottom black up arrow to reveal selection options to add bus routes and stops to the map.

Tap the bottom arrow to reveal the map display options for buses, stops, and routesMap now showing selections with routes, stops and live buses

You can turn off and on live buses, stops, and routes by checking those boxes along the green bar. You can select up to five routes to display at a time.

Touch a bus (green circle with the red direction arrow) to see live information about the bus.

Stop selected to show next arrival information

Touch a stop (purple dot) to show next bus arrival information and any alerts for that stop.

stop arrival details after touching the purple stop dot

Touch Trip Planner in the top to plan your trip. You can leave your previous route selections live on the map, or you can erase them by selecting the reset icon (looks like a clock going backwards).

Trip Planner beginning screen

The app will automatically start at your location, but you can also plan any trip you want by typing destinations into the fields.

Trip Planner gives you several routing options (A, B, C, D in this example). Touch each letter to see the different options.

Trip Planner with several travel options

Touch the three lines in the top right to reveal detailed text directions.

Trip Planner text detail

Other features – touch the top left navigation panel to reveal more app settings and options.

Top left reveal other app menu options

Selecting Fares and Passes opens the Mobile Pass App.

Touch the bus routes icon in the bottom to manually select a route.

Manually select bus route

Touch a specific stop for info.

Select a stop from that route

Touch the red alert icon for more information.

Stop alert text

Touch the map icon to see that stop on the map.

Stop on map

Touch the alerts button in the bottom right to show the System Alerts.

System alerts If you experience any issues with the app update, please let us know! When you contact us, please tell us what type of mobile device you are using (iPhone or Android, and model) and the software version on your mobile device.