GRTC Update July 31, 2020

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July 31, 2020
Please visit our website for the most recent COVID-19 information.
Operator in front of bus wearing a face mask, bus header sign says FACE MASK REQUIRED

Face Masks: All GRTC passengers must always have their masks properly covering both nose and mouth while riding. If any passenger refuses to wear their mask properly, the Operator may stop the vehicle and hold service until the passenger complies or exits. GRTC passengers have been required to wear face masks when riding GRTC buses and vans since Executive Order 63 took effect May 29, and GRTC has already provided more than 40,000 face masks for free to passengers. GRTC and CARE customers without masks will be offered a free cloth face mask by Operators when boarding. Customers unable to wear face masks should contact GRTC’s Eligibility Coordinator at (804) 358-3871 ext. 434 to receive reasonable accommodation instructions. Only young children (aged 10 years and younger) are exempt from the mask mandate. Masks on or the bus may not move!

Express Service Update: GRTC is monitoring ridership on Express Routes. Reduced schedules continue as follows.

23x/26x Glenside/Parham: Morning trips occur at 6:55AM and 8:00AM from Parham. The Route 23x afternoon trip from Downtown Richmond is at 5:28PM. Route 26x afternoon trips from Downtown Richmond are at 4:05PM and 5:10PM. GRTC vans provide transport.

27x Glenside: Morning trips occur at 6:55AM and 8:05AM from Glenside. Afternoon trips from Downtown Richmond occur at 4:00PM and 4:55PM. GRTC vans provide transport.

28x White Oak Village: Service canceled until further notice. Customers may ride Routes 7A/B or 56 from White Oak to Downtown Richmond instead. 

29x Gaskins: Morning trips occur at 6:25AM, 7:30AM and 8:25AM from Gaskins. Afternoon trips from Downtown Richmond occur at 4:35PM and 5:35PM. GRTC vans (2) and one standby bus provide transport. 

64x Stony Point: Morning trips occur at 6:10AM and 7:30AM from Stony Point. Afternoon trips from Downtown Richmond occur at 3:50PM and 5:15PM. GRTC vans (2) and one standby bus provide transport.

82x Commonwealth 20: Morning trips occur at 6:30AM and 7:15AM from Commonwealth 20. Afternoon trips from Downtown Richmond occur at 4:05PM and 5:15PM. GRTC vans (2) and one standby bus provide transport. 

95x Petersburg: Normal schedule. GRTC buses provide transport.

Planned Service Updates September 13: Our next service updates are planned in September, and we recently held a virtual public meeting to update you on those changes. Watch the meeting replay on YouTube: These updates include improved Southside service on weekends, reinstated Grove Ave. service in The Fan (similar to the old Route 16 Grove), and improved frequency in Randolph/Maymont on Route 78. Service by two routes to St. Mary’s Hospital in the West End continues.

table showing service update details

We Want Your Feedback! GRTC’s Title VI Program is updated every three years, and we are preparing this update now for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). We want to ensure you have an opportunity to review and understand the program. Take our online survey now. Some of our riders already completed paper surveys at bus stops before the pandemic. You can learn more about Title VI at our virtual Public Meeting on Thursday, August 6, too!

We Are Hiring Bus Operators! Looking for a job? GRTC is now hiring bus operators. Need a CDL? GRTC has a training program to help you get your CDL Class B License with a P endorsement. GRTC offers a strong benefits package, including competitive pay, a generous pension contribution and overtime pay opportunities. Starting pay is $15.50 per hour, with top pay at $23.84 per hour. Start your career today! Apply now at

Now Hiring Bus Operators

You are welcome to connect with GRTC if you have questions.

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