Pulse Bus-Only Lane Marking

Minor Service Impacts Beginning Monday, 8/15/22.

A map of Broad Street in Richmond, VA showing the two phases of BRT lane red coating between 3rd Street and I-195. Phase 1 westbound is in red. Phase 2 eastbound is in blue.

WHERE: Broad Street between 3rd Street downtown and I-195 in Scott’s Addition.

WHAT: Richmond Department of Public Works will reapply the BUS ONLY wording in the red median bus-only lanes on Broad Street.

WHEN: Beginning Monday, 8/15/2022 until work is complete.

IMPACTS: GRTC Pulse will provide curbside service at adjacent local, marked bus stops in mixed flow traffic where work is occurring. Expect minor delays in road work areas where Pulse buses aren’t traveling in the dedicated lane. Riders using mobility devices or needing additional assistance can still be accommodated on the curbside.

Alternative Stops (Westbound)

Arts District westbound station — Use Stop #440 (Broad + Adams)

VCU & VUU westbound station — Use Stop #2487 (Broad + Hancock)

Allison Street westbound station — Use Stop #453 (Broad + Meadow) 

Science Museum westbound station — Use Stop #460 (Broad + Robinson)

Scott’s Addition westbound station — Use Stop #477 (Broad + Summit)

Alternative Stops (Eastbound)

Scott’s Addition eastbound station — Use Stop #393 (Broad + Belmont)

Science Museum eastbound station — Use Stop #459 (Broad + Robinson)

Allison Street eastbound station — Use Stop #391 (Broad + Allison)

VCU & VUU eastbound station — Use Stop #432 (Broad + Shafer)

Arts District eastbound station — Use Stop #385 (Broad + Adams)