FTA Praises GRTC in Triennial Review

GRTC is pleased to announce the Transit System received an “exemplary completion” report from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for the 2016 Triennial Review.

Federal reviewers conduct a required review of individual transit systems every three years, including sending a FTA representative on-site for interviews. GRTC hosted the FTA July 20 and 21, and received the final report on August 17, in which the FTA says, “GRTC is to be commended for its performance during this Triennial Review.” GRTC also received an “Achievement of Excellence” certificate for this success.

The Triennial Review is required by Chapter 53 of Title 49, United States Code, Section 5307. Although this process is not an audit, the Triennial Review is the FTA’s assessment of GRTC’s compliance with Federal requirements as a recipient of Federal funds. Reviewers examine a sample of grant management and program implementation practices to determine if there are any deficiencies. No deficiencies were found with the FTA requirements in all areas examined.

This finding is significant because it is rare for transit agencies to not receive any findings. GRTC is within Region 3, which includes transit systems operating in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. To date, GRTC is the only transit agency in Virginia to receive this positive review.

GRTC Chief Executive Officer David Green lauds this news, “This review highlights GRTC’s credibility and trust.” The FTA plans to use GRTC’s 2016 Triennial Review as an example for other transit systems to follow.

GRTC Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Adams says, “This is awesome work and a huge achievement for GRTC.”

The FTA reviewed the following 17 areas: Financial Management and Capacity; Technical Capacity; Maintenance; Americans with Disabilities Act; Title VI; Procurement; Disadvantaged Business Enterprise; Legal; Satisfactory Continuing Control; Planning/Program of Projects; Public Comment on Fare Increases and Major Service Reductions; Half Fare; Charter Bus; School Bus; Security; Drug Free Workplace and Drug and Alcohol Program; Equal Employment Opportunity.


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