GRTC Announces New Fare Pass Program

GRTC is pleased to announce the launch of new bus fare passes, including unlimited ride passes, which customers can use starting November 15, 2015.

Beginning today, these new fare passes can be purchased through GRTC’s convenient online Transit Store. RideFinders in Downtown Richmond will also begin selling the new fare passes at their store next week. Customers can purchase the most popular passes on the farebox beginning November 15, 2015. Local vendor locations throughout the Metro will begin carrying the passes in the coming weeks (call ahead to check your preferred vendor’s availability). See where to buy which passes in our online guide here.

Effective November 15, 2015, GRTC will offer unlimited ride period passes for most routes. With the addition of new passes, riders can connect onto as many buses as they want within the pass time period.  Transfer tickets will no longer be necessary.

GRTC has tools online to help you choose the pass that’s right for you, as well as a new series of videos you can watch here. There is no change to the cash fares, and the new passes offer an even better value so that you can ride more often for your money.  All the pass prices and cash fares can be viewed in this new fare guide online.

There are three main types of time period passes offered for local routes, reduced fare customers, express and extended express routes:

·         One Day Pass: Good for unlimited rides on one transit day on the routes used.

·         7 Day Pass: Good for unlimited rides on seven consecutive transit days on the routes used.

·         30 Day Pass: Good for unlimited rides on thirty consecutive transit days on the routes used.

GRTC is also offering more choices for riders:

·         One Ride Plus Pass: Good for a one-way trip on two local buses for $1.75 exact fare. Transfer tickets are no longer required with this pass! If you ride once a day, one-way, on two buses, this is the pass that’s right for you. If you need to connect from a local to an express bus, you can pay an upgrade fee just like you always have.

·         One Ride Pass: Good for one ride on one bus, which can be purchased on the farebox for $1.50.

·         Reduced Fare Passes for Minors: This is a new opportunity for riders aged 6 through 18 to ride local routes for a reduced fare! Our reduced fare policy remains the same: a photo ID card with proof of age is required to receive a reduced fare. Fare is fair! (As always, one rider aged 5 and younger rides for free with an accompanying fare-paying passenger).

To help riders acclimate to the new fare pass system, the passes are color-coded by type. Click here for an online guide by bus route to help you choose the pass that’s right for you!

·         Local Route Passes: Green

·         Local Route Reduced Fare Passes: Yellow

·         Express/Pemberton/Henrico Route Passes: Red

·         Extended Express Petersburg: Pink

If you still have Go Cards, you can continue to use them! GRTC expects the existing inventory of Go Cards in circulation from vendors and passengers will gradually phase out during 2016. However, the most popular $10 Go Card will remain for sale after November 15, 2015. This is an important feature for occasional GRTC riders and also for our Chesterfield 81X and 82X riders. At this time, these two Chesterfield express routes are not participating in the pass program, and riders of these two routes may continue to pay with exact cash or a Go Card.

GRTC is committed to providing exceptional customer service during this transition to new fare passes. Bus Operators are ready to assist customers using the new fare passes. Customer Service Representatives in the Call Center are also able to answer frequently asked questions and assist with choosing the pass that’s right for you. GRTC Supervisors and staff will also be at the Temporary Transfer Plaza to assist customers this month. Finally, GRTC has new online resources available to help you choose the pass that’s right for you and get ready to connect!

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Snapchat: rideGRTC

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