GRTC Completes Installation of New Fareboxes

GRTC buses finish the first major upgrade in 20 years to their fare collection technology this weekend. The new electronic fareboxes will provide an improved farebox experience to GRTC customers, and will also open up new ways to pay in the near-future. This cutting-edge upgrade continues GRTC’s responsiveness to customer recommendations and GRTC’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

After successfully testing a “mini-fleet” of new Genfare Fast Fare electronic fareboxes on 10 buses this Spring, GRTC will complete installation of the new fareboxes on the entire revenue fleet Friday, May 29th through Sunday, May 31st. The new farebox is interactive with the customer both visually and audibly.  For example, new audio messages will remind customers to show their ID for verification when using their Senior, Disabled & ADA CARE GRTC ID Cards. The illuminated color screen also improves visibility of transactions for customers. A simple design enables faster boarding, as well.

The new farebox will be located in the same spot on the bus as the old farebox, at the front entry door by the bus operator’s seat. If a rider has questions about using the new farebox, operators will gladly assist customers.

There is currently no change to how customers pay to ride the bus. The new fareboxes still accept exact cash/coins, Go Cards, Transfers and Employee Swipe Cards. There is no change to the fares, either. Refund slips will also still be given to customers when necessary, as is the standing protocol. 

New Farebox, but no change to how you pay now.

However, this new technology creates new, easy ways to pay! Look at the payment possibilities with the new farebox.

New ways to pay will be possible beginning this Summer. A new mobile pass will be available Winter 2015-2016 through the free GRTC App, with the farebox reading the mobile device’s QR code. Riders may use their credit or debit cards through that App coming soon. In addition, a new, secure online store will open soon for customers to purchase passes using their credit or debit cards. Passes will be mailed to the customer.

GRTC plans to unveil a series of new unlimited use passes in Fall 2015, including a special event pass for the UCI Road World Championships in September 2015. Proposed additional unlimited use passes will include new daily, weekly and monthly passes where the more you ride, the more you save! This new pass structure is currently under review by local jurisdictions for approval, and future fare options are being explored as transfers are expected to be eliminated on November 15, 2015. Go Cards will phase out through the next year, but are still accepted and can still be purchased. The $10 Go Card will be a "classic" card that remains available for purchase.

Customers can still purchase bus passes and Go Cards at the same local vendors they prefer, as well as purchase passes from the farebox itself (daily and weekly unlimited use passes are expected to be available on buses by November 15, 2015).

Members of the Media are invited to explore the behind-the-scenes farebox installation process on Friday, May 29th from 11AM to 1PM at GRTC Headquarters, 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23224.

Please visit or call GRTC’s Customer Service Center for further details at 804-358-GRTC (4782).

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