GRTC Deploys Smart “Tap” Passes

GRTC continues to prepare for and implement major technology upgrades, improving fare payment choices for customers. This month, GRTC began distributing to select area vendors two of the new smart “tap” passes. The tap passes now in circulation include the Local One Ride Plus Pass and the Local One Day Unlimited Ride Pass, which look like this:


Customers purchasing these passes may see the new smart icon )))), which indicates the pass is tapped at the Farebox instead of swiped or inserted. These tap passes are simply tapped at this part )))) of the farebox:

Do not insert or swipe a tap pass at the farebox. Simply tap )))) and go!

Additionally, in January 2018, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond will serve as the pilot user groups for new e-pass/u-pass (employee and university) tap passes. These passes are available to eligible employees and students at these universities.

All customers are reminded EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 31, 2017:

  • The $10 GoCard is no longer accepted at GRTC fareboxes or future Pulse ticket vending machines. Customers are advised to please use their $10 GoCard prior to its permanent expiration on December 31, 2017.
  • Fareboxes stop accepting previously-issued Change Cards. Change Cards with remaining value may be exchanged for a refund slip from the Operator, which will be processed for a refund to the customer by mail. Alternatively, customers may exchange their Change Card for a pass(es) of equivalent value at RideFinders through January 12, 2018.

As always, exact fare is required; GRTC fareboxes do not issue change. Customers paying with cash at the farebox will still receive a magnetic stripe pass from the farebox, which will be accepted on other fareboxes or serve as proof of payment on the new Pulse to Fare Enforcers.

For full fare information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit or call GRTC’s Customer Service Center at 804-358-GRTC.