GRTC Receives 2018 Public Green Fleet of the Year Award

Virginia Clean Cities presented GRTC with the 2018 Public Green Fleet of the Year Award at a ceremony held last night at Main Street Station.

GRTC has the largest CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) transit fleet in the Commonwealth with about 75% of its total fleet operating on alternative fuel. These cleaner, quieter buses replace retiring diesel-fueled buses. GRTC also has one of the youngest transit fleets in the country with an average vehicle age of just 4.5 years. Young, well-maintained vehicles like GRTC’s mean more reliable and cleaner service for our customers.

GRTC CEO David Green says, “We are proud to contribute to clean alternative fuel programs in Virginia with our growing green fleet. Because of state-matching dollars and the support of our Board of Directors, GRTC continues to near our ambitious goal of being completely CNG by 2024.”

GRTC runs vehicles on several clean fuels including CNG, E85 and electric. The GRTC fleet currently operates more than 135 CNG vehicles, and several light duty E85 and electric vehicles. In 2017, GRTC saved nearly 465,000 gallons of petroleum and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 412 tons. New CNG buses began arriving this Spring at GRTC, part of an order of 23 new alternative fuel vehicles.

This is the second time GRTC has been recognized for its growing green fleet, previously winning the Governor’s Green Fleet of the Year Award in 2015.