GRTC, The City of Richmond and Siddall Communications, LLC Jointly Win Marketing Award

At the Virginia Transit Association’s 2018 Annual Transit Conference held in Richmond, VA, the winners of VTA’s Outstanding Public Transportation Marketing Award are GRTC Transit System, The City of Richmond, and Siddall Communications, LLC, who jointly submitted their “Your New GRTC Transit System: It’s Time To Connect!” campaign. The purpose of this joint marketing effort is to elevate awareness of the City’s bus route network changes, and excite riders and the public about significant and historic improvements to the transit network occurring in 2018.

All the City’s routes are changing for the first time in 50 years to modernize Richmond’s transit network to best meet the needs of the communities served. This major overhaul requires extensive public education and marketing, especially to existing GRTC riders. 

This award-winning campaign took complicated information and condensed it into understandable and relatable messaging, placed in targeted locations to reach riders and Greater Richmond.