Mobile Pass Guide

Conveniently pay for your unlimited ride pass using GRTC’s Mobile Pass. Pay for passes directly using the credit or debit card of your choice, and activate when ready to ride. This is an easy, cash-free way to pay. GRTC offers mobile payment for its unlimited ride passes. Reduced fare and single rides are not available at this time.

NOTE: Passes cannot be transferred between phones! If you get a new phone, please contact Customer Service for refund assistance for any remaining unused passes on your old phone. 

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Mobile Pass App Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Step-by-Step Guide:

Make sure you have downloaded both the GRTC Transit On The Go! and GRTC Mobile Pass apps, like this, if you want to seamlessly switch between the two apps for both bus tracking and pass usage:

To set up your Mobile Pass, open the app, and you'll see this screen indicating the app is loading:

The welcome screen will prompt you to login. Click the top right "Login" text to begin.

Now you'll be prompted to set up your app for the first time:

You will then receive an email to the address you provided, asking you to verify your account. Click on the email verification link, and you're ready!

When you go back to your Mobile Pass App, it will show you are logged in. The first time, it will look like this, without any history or items to display:

Ready to purchase your mobile pass? Let's go! Click on the "Purchase Passes" and the first step screen will appear:

Select the type of route you want. In this example, we'll purchase a Local.

You can tap the + and - icons to purchase more or less passes. In this example, let's purchase one Day Pass.

Click the "Continue" button, which will also show the pass total selected. 

The next screen is for you to confirm your order.

If you need to make changes, you can do so on this screen. If you're ready to proceed, click "Continue>"

Only Credit Card payment is accepted at this time. If you choose, you may save the Credit Card information for future use.

This screen will prompt you to fill in your payment information:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Star, pulse, and NYCE are all accepted financial networks for credit card payment.

Click "Sumit" when ready.

Success! Now you can click on the orange button at the bottom to go to your passes.

When you are ready to use your pass, touch the pass you want. This screen will ask you how you want to use it: 

If you're riding the GRTC Pulse, make sure you select that option, so your Mobile Pass can interact with the QR reader at the station.

Select the option you want and "Continue." The app will give you one final opportunity to verify you're ready to ride and use your pass.

Click "Yes" when ready to ride, and the pass will activate! 

When you board a GRTC bus, open your active pass and scan it at the farebox reader. You can also show your active pass to your Operator.

There will be a "countdown" on the pass with a unique QR code that will time out. Don't worry if you need to reload the pass before you scan it - you haven't officially used the pass until you scan it at the farebox.

If you are riding the GRTC Pulse, be sure you selected the Pulse pass option so you can interact with the QR reader at the station. Open your Mobile Pass and scan it (using your camera) at the QR reader located at the station, like this:


Once you scan, you'll see a screen like this that shows where you got on the Pulse. A clock will start and animate, which you leave running in the background while you ride the Pulse.

Once you complete your ride on the Pulse, click the "Deactivate" button, and you're done until ready to ride again.

Thank you for using Mobile Pass!