CARE On-Demand

CARE customers can benefit from a precedent-setting pilot program with greater flexibility in meeting their mobility needs. "CARE On-Demand" enables CARE customers the option to utilize a same-day, direct, non-stop trip. CARE On-Demand is an optional program open to CARE customers; CARE customers are not required to use CARE On-Demand. However, you must first qualify for CARE to be eligible to utilize CARE On-Demand.

Schedule your trip at least two hours in advance. Trips can also be scheduled farther in advance with greater flexibility. You will need your CARE ID number for booking and your CARE ID when riding.

CARE customers can choose from two CARE On-Demand partners, RoundTrip and UZURV. With two partners, there are two easy ways to use CARE On-Demand!

RoundTrip is a web-based reservation system, where customers can book trips easily and securely through this RoundTrip portal:

RoundTrip Service Hours:
7 days a week from 7AM to 11PM

Cancellation fees apply when ride is canceled less than 60 minutes prior to pick up time.

For customers requiring or preferring phone assistance, please call RoundTrip at 1-877-396-8080.

RoundTrip will be releasing their mobile app in March 2018.

Follow RoundTrip on Facebook:

UZURV customers can call to schedule trips at least two hours in advance with the UZURV Call Center at (804)-499-3400.
Call Center Hours:
Monday to Friday from 7AM to 5PM
Saturday from 9AM to 5PM 
Customers making reservations for Sundays may make their reservation by 5PM on Saturdays.

UZURV Service Hours:
7 days a week from 7AM to 6PM

UZURV is also actively working on a mobile app for CARE customers.


Customer Benefits:

  • Direct, non-stop service
  • Same-day reservation service
  • Reserve up to 30 - 90 days in advance (varies by provider)
  • Freedom to ride solo
  • Bring guests (space permitting), a Personal Care Assistant (PCA), or a service animal
  • Travel anywhere within the GRTC CARE service area
  • Request favorite driver(s)
  • ADA accommodations

Cost: (Credit/Debit cards accepted, but not CARE tickets or Cash)

  • Customer pays initial $6.00.
  • GRTC will pay for up to an additional $15.00 of the cost of the ride.
  • Any additional cost will be the customer’s responsibility. (Total cost of trip is set prior to trip so customer knows in advance.)
  • Trip cost is determined by trip mileage, and may be subject to peak time-of-day demand.

GRTC wants to hear from you about your experience with CARE On-Demand as we continue to improve service for CARE customers. Connect with us by emailing us at or by calling GRTC’s Customer Service Center at 804-358-GRTC (4782). (Please note: C-VAN customers are not eligible for CARE On-Demand.)

If you need assistance with your CARE ID # or require a new CARE ID, please contact GRTC’s Eligibility Coordinator at (804) 358-3871 ext. 434, or by mail at Eligibility Coordinator, GRTC Transit System, 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23224.