Chesterfield Route 1 Local Bus Service

GRTC, in partnership with Chesterfield County and DRPT, begins local bus service on Route 1 from Falling Creek to John Tyler Community College in March 2020. This new service is funded through a two-year demonstration grant provided by DRPT (80% of cost), and matched with a local 20% contribution from Chesterfield County. 

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October 30, 2019 Public Meeting Presentation (Powerpoint PDF)

Route Name: Route 111 - "Route 1/Falling Creek/Tyler"

Projected Start Date: March 16, 2020

Public Timetable (PDF)

Service Area: On Route 1 from Food Lion North Chesterfield (North of Chippenham) to John Tyler Community College (Chester campus).

Route Lengh: 7.6 miles

Route 111 map and stop locations

Days of Service: Monday - Saturday

Hours of Service: weekdays 5 am – 7 pm; Saturdays 7 am – 7 pm

Frequency:  The bus will arrive at stops about every 30 minutes; twice a day there will be a 40-minute window between buses. 

Fare: $1.50 one-way; $1.75 includes a transfer/connection (One Ride Plus pass); passes are available (1- day, 7-day and 30-day unlimited ride options)






30 min

30 min


Service Span



No Service

Number of Trips

North - 29

South - 28

North - 25

South - 24



Base Fare





Park-n-Ride: John Tyler Community College is collaborating with Chesterfield County on establishing parking spaces in one of their lots by the new GRTC bus stop. This will permit bus riders to safely and securely park vehicles at Tyler and connect with GRTC.

Bus Stop Amenities: There are currently 24 bus stop locations planned on Route 111. Eight bus stops will have newly constructed pads, including eight trash cans, five shelters and three benches. These amenities will be installed as soon as possible in Spring 2020. Additional bus stop pads with benches and trash cans will be constructed in July 2020, with additional amenities possible in the future.

GRTC Network Connections: Bus riders can connect with the rest of GRTC's bus system at the Food Lion in North Chesterfield (North of Chippenham Parkway). Exit the Route 111 and board the Route 3B Highland/Jeff Davis heading northbound. Like the Route 111, buses come every 30 minutes and there will be a short wait (about 7 minutes) when making connections between the Route 111 and 3B at Food Lion.

GRTC CARE Service: GRTC’s CARE service provides origin-to-destination service under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CARE provides public transportation access in Chesterfield, Richmond and Henrico to individuals with disabilities who may not be reasonably able to use GRTC fixed route bus service.  The one-way fare for CARE is $3.

Chesterfield County Citizen Information & Resources Mobility Services provide transportation services for residents who are disabled, aged 60 or older, or meet federal income guidelines.  Service is provided throughout Chesterfield and is available for medical trips and employment in Richmond, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hopewell and parts of Henrico.  For residents in southern Chesterfield, service to parts of Colonial Heights and Petersburg is available.  The one-way fare for Mobility Services is $6.

Next Steps: 
November 2019 - stop locations finalized
December 2019 - bus schedule finalized
January 2020 - marketing begins
February 2020 - bus stop signs installed 
March 2020 - launch!