New Downtown Transfer Station Construction Begins

new transfer station rendering

New Downtown Transfer Station Rendering

Opening Spring 2023

GRTC has begun construction on a new Downtown Transfer Station that will make bus transfers easier.

The new Downtown Transfer Station is being built on a parking lot at 8th and Clay streets to replace the current on-street transfer area along 9th Street between Marshall and Leigh Streets. It will accommodate 12 bus bays in a saw-tooth design for more efficient arrivals and departures of up to 10 standard buses and two articulated buses at a time.

GRTC worked with the City of Richmond’s Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility to secure a new transfer area as the pending redevelopment of the Public Safety Building will require GRTC to vacate the current transfer area. GRTC and the City were able to take advantage of this opportunity to develop a new station that greatly enhanced safety and convenience for riders.

Though the new Downtown Transfer Station is expected to be used for several years, GRTC continues to work with project partners, the City of Richmond, and other downtown stakeholders to secure a site for a permanent transportation hub in downtown Richmond.

A combination of federal, state, and local dollars will fund the new $2.2 million project. Construction will be completed in spring 2023. The southern gated portion of the lot is excluded from the project and will remain in use during construction.

Concrete sidewalk placement near 9th and Clay streets.

Contractor finishing concrete sidewalk.

Electrical conduit installation.