Transportation Terminal

GRTC has pursued a permanent Multi-Modal Transportation Terminal for the past two decades and will continue to do so in cooperation with the City of Richmond. The goal is to develop a multi-modal transportation terminal for the transit system.  Work continues on identifying a viable site to construct a transit center at a new location in the heart of the City’s central business district.

GRTC currently operates bus transfers at the Temporary Transfer Plaza. In anticipation of the need for a permanent replacement, GRTC continues to seek downtown Richmond site locations that are near the center of existing GRTC ridership activity and have good proximity to the Pulse (Bus Rapid Transit) corridor. Such sites would be 1 to 2 acres in size with level topography, have two ingress/egress points with access to two separate streets, be available for purchase from a willing owner, and be transit compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. The future Transit Center will support alternative energy use, be LEED© certified, safe and secure.  The Transit Center will support economic and downtown revitalization efforts in addition to providing a local multi-modal transportation hub. Such a facility will support a variety of transportation modes, such as local bus, bike, taxi, all at one location.  It may include additional uses such as administrative offices, retail spaces, and community rooms.

The multi-modal transportation terminal will allow for:

  • Improved supervision of on-time performance
  • Coordinated scheduling
  • Reduced congestion along Broad Street by providing off-street locations for vehicle layovers
  • Reduced bus travel mileages and idling times resulting in fuel cost savings and improvements to regional air quality.
  • Protection from the elements for riders while providing them with a safe, secure place to wait for the bus.