Your New GRTC Transit System


Get ready for a new, streamlined GRTC!

GRTC has teamed up with the City of Richmond to rework our area's transit system - and the result will mean faster, more consistent service throughout the day! Additionally, GRTC and Henrico County are collaborating on route tweaks for routes in the County. Your New GRTC lays the groundwork for us to keep serving this vibrant, growing region.

Here's what you can expect:

Many new route names and numbers

  • We're changing route names and numbers so they're easier to understand. They'll be named after major roads, such as Midlothain Turnpike, Hull Street and North Avenue.
  • Bus stop signs will be updated with new route numbers and names when the Pulse (Bus Rapid Transit) launches and new routes begin.

Faster, more frequent routes

New routes will connect busier areas with more direct routes. This means more frequent bus service and more consistency throughout the day.

  • Buses will arrive every 15, 30 or 60 minutes, depending upon the route. This can make trip planning easier.
  • High frequency routes will arrive every 15 minutes.
  • Riders can expect very similar service on weekdays and Saturdays.

Easier connections

  • With new high-frequency routes (1, 2, 3 and 5) you could have fewer connections, which means more one-seat rides across town.
  • New routes will easily connect to the Pulse.
  • During the day, you won't have to use the downtown Temporary Transfer Plaza to connect to other routes. You'll still make well-timed connections there at night and on Sundays.
  • You'll benefit from improved connection service at all these points: 
    • Willow Lawn
    • Robinson / Broad Streets
    • 3rd / Broad Streets
    • 24th / Main Streets
    • Southside Plaza

When will the changes start?

The routes will launch at the same time the Pulse opens. Check back for updates on timing.

Outreach Ambassadors can help you learn your new route.

Before, during and after new routes begin, you'll find Outreach Ambassadors on many GRTC buses, and at bus stops and the Temporary Transfer Plaza. These specially trained Ambassadors can help you learn your new route, and answer any questions.

Our Travel Buddies can give you a "practice ride" of your new route.

Want a preview of what to expect? Sign up for a free practice session with an experienced driver. Call to schedule your appointment with a Customer Service Representative at 804-358-4782. The driver will pick you up at your bus stop to practice your route, round-trip. You can request this free service up to three times.

GRTC will have extended Customer Service Center hours close to the launch.

You'll be able to call 804-358-4782 to get the answers you need from a real person. You can also explore this page, checking the maps below with new route names and numbers.

This project page will be updated as we progress through the education and implementation of the new bus routes. 

Stay Informed!

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Use the interactive map below to explore the new routes, frequencies of service, and bus stop locations. You can type in your address or place in the upper right search box. Zoom in and out using the + and - icons. View the map legend using the >> icon. You can also launch this map in a new window by clicking here. Remember, routes that overlap on the same roads create higher frequencies so you don't have to wait as long for the next bus!

UPDATES: (Newest info here!)


  • Travel Buddies - available this Winter! Call 804-358-4782 to put your name on the early reservation list.
  • Outreach Ambassadors - coming in early 2018!
  • New Timetables - coming soon!

GRTC held 14 public meetings in March to present this new network and receive public input for final tweaks. In April, GRTC requested and received public comment on the recommended placement of added (new) bus stops. In July, GRTC's Board of Directors voted to approve the final recommended network. In August, GRTC held five public information meetings to update the community on new bus routes and preview new service hours. In October and November, GRTC and Henrico County held three public meetings to discuss short and long term transit possibilities.