GRTC Leadership

Daily operation of GRTC is conducted under the management of its administrative team.

Executive Leadership

Sheryl Adams
Sheryl Adams Chief Executive Officer

Adrienne Torres
Adrienne Torres Chief of Staff

John Zinzarella Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Janice Witt Executive Assistant


(in alphabetical order, by last name)
Tim Barham
Timothy Barham Operations

Tony Byrd
Tony Byrd Maintenance

Tony Carter
Anthony Carter Risk Management

Joe Dillard
Equitable Innovation & Legislative Policy

Dexter Hurt Information Systems

Angela Malloy
Angela Malloy Human Resources

Sam Sink Planning & Scheduling

Tonya Thompson
Tonya Thompson Procurement

Von Tisdale
Von Tisdale RideFinders

GRTC CEO History

(ordered most recent first)

  • 2023 - Sheryl Adams
  • 2019 - Julie Timm
  • 2014 - David Green 
  • 2010 - Eldridge Coles 
  • 2005 - John Lewis 
  • 1993 - Rollo Axton 
  • 1973 - Henry Church