GRTC Press Kit

For media inquiries, please contact Henry Bendon: 
Email: or 
Phone: 804-516-4148 (calls and texts accepted)

For FOIA requests, please contact GRTC's FOIA Officer:
Joe Dillard 
Greater Richmond Transit Company
ATTN: FOIA Officer
301 E. Belt Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia 23224
Phone: 804-474-9346

Media Guidelines

  • Members of the media are welcome to take pictures/video and capture sound at GRTC bus stops, which are within the public right-of-way. Please notify the Director of Communications in advance, if feasible. 
  • Please do not block bus stops or accessibility for passengers boarding/alighting. 
  • Please contact the Director of Communications if you wish to ride, interview, or take pictures/video inside a GRTC bus. 
  • Please only show passengers who give their consent when taking pictures/video inside a GRTC bus.
  • Operators may only be shown if they give their consent. 
  • Operators may not be interviewed without their consent and GRTC's approval.
  • Please remain behind the white line while the bus is in motion, and hold on securely if standing when riding. 
  • Please get permission from GRTC prior to attaching camera equipment to GRTC property (bus, bus stop sign, bench, trash can).

We strive to respond promptly to media inquiries. Please let us know your deadline and submit as many questions in your initial inquiry as possible to ensure a timely and complete response. Please note that many data requests may take additional time to process. 


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