GRTC Pulse is expanding! With existing vehicles at capacity and increasing demand for rapid transit service across the Richmond region, GRTC is working diligently to expand and enhance the Pulse network. This includes projects both small and large, ranging from repairs to the existing stations to accommodate new larger buses to major extensions and entirely new routes. This page will be updated regularly with information and links to key project details, so stay tuned for up to date knowledge about the future of the Pulse network.

Station Modification

The existing 26 Pulse stations are designed to carry the Pulse's originally projected 3500 daily passengers. Today, the Pulse moves more than 6100 daily passengers on vehicles that are increasingly crowded and running at maximum capacity. The solution is to acquire new 60' articulated buses, which feature more passenger loading space, new on-board amenities, and a third door for faster and easier boarding and alighting. In order to accommodate the third door and improve operational efficiency, GRTC is working to remove the brick knee wall that borders the platform to allow for the new buses to approach the stations and fit all three doors onto the platform. Station modification is expected to take 260 days, with repairs to be completed by summer 2025. 

Articulated Buses

Overwhelming and increasing passenger demand for service, combined with projected increases along both the existing and future Pulse routes, necessitate the acquisition of new, higher-capacity vehicles. GRTC has placed an initial order for four 60' New Flyer XN60 articulated buses, and applied for federal grant funding to continue phasing the existing Pulse fleet from 40' to 60' vehicles. This is a multi-phase, multi-year process. 

Western Extension

Demand for transit service along W Broad Street is continuing to increase, and GRTC and Henrico County are working to meet it with a four mile expansion of the existing Pulse west from Willow Lawn to Parham Road. This first extension of the Pulse will add eight new stations and additional dedicated lanes, expanding access to rapid transit deeper into Henrico County and adding key elements that do not currently exist in the Pulse system, such as a dedicated park and ride location. Pulse Western Extension is currently in Phase 2 of study, which includes preliminary design elements and National Environmental Protection Act work. 

North-South Pulse 

The North-South Pulse project will add 12 brand new miles of high-capacity modern rapid transit service, connecting county to county via Downtown Richmond and serving as a historic investment into the Richmond region and its residents. This future Pulse will travel from Azalea on the Richmond/Henrico border along Chamberlayne Avenue, head through Downtown, and cross the 9th street bridge before taking Commerce Rd. to Hull St, where it will continue to Southside Plaza, turn onto Belt Blvd, and continue towards the Midlothian Turnpike, which it will travel on until reaching Chippenham Square. This project is currently in Phase 2 of study, focusing on identifying station locations and preliminary work on the National Environmental Protection Act.