Connecting With Bikes

GRTC Pulse connects cyclists to many popular biking destinations along the route, including the Virginia Capital Trail and Riverfront trails in the James River Park System.

There are three easy ways to connect between the Pulse and a bike: load your own bike onto the front of the Pulse; park your bike at a Pulse station; or borrow one of the RVA Bike Share bikes conveniently located near several Pulse stations.

Our Pulse vehicles have more bike storage on-board than ever before! Our three-position bicycle rack on the front of the bus can accommodate up to three bikes with tires up to 3 1/4 inches wide and bike lengths up to 80 inches long. Here’s how.

Stand with your bike at the top of the bicycle ramp at the station and wait to proceed down the ramp after the Pulse comes to a complete stop at the station.

Walk your bike down the bike ramp to the front of the Pulse.

To release the bike rack, squeeze the lever in the center of the rack so it will unfold. Pull forward as you squeeze the lever.

Follow the tire placement instructions on the rack.

Pull the security bar out and over the top of the front tire to hold the bike in place. You’re done!

Proceed back up the bike ramp and board the Pulse vehicle.

Before you exit the Pulse, please inform your Operator that you will remove your bike from the front rack.

Go down the bicycle ramp and remove your bike, pulling the security bar out and lifting your bike tires out of the rack. If the bike rack is now empty, please lift the rack back up by squeezing the lever, lifting and folding the rack upright. Make sure the rack locks into place.

Walk your bike up the bicycle ramp, through the station, and watch for oncoming traffic as you depart the station.

There is bicycle parking at every Pulse station with dual bike racks. We recommend you bring a lock to secure your bike until you return.

Higher-capacity quad bike parking is available at the following stations: Scott’s Addition, Allison, and VCU & VUU Stations.

We welcome bike parking, but bicycles left unclaimed at stations will be removed and held until claimed at GRTC’s Lost and Found for up to 30 days.

The RVA Bike Share has stations at or very near: Scott’s Addition, the Science Museum, Allison Street, VCU & VUU, Arts District, Convention Center, Government Center, and Main Street Station. Visit for details.

We encourage you to take advantage of the bike share, but these bikes are not permitted on Pulse bike racks. Please properly dock bike share bikes at stations, and enjoy connecting with the Pulse.