Pulse Stations & Boarding

There are two types of stations – ones on the curbside, and ones in the middle of the road at signalized intersections. Nine of the stations are located on the curbside, five are in the middle of the road. There are eastbound and westbound platforms at every station, except at each end of the line where only one platform is needed. The stations all look the same and have the same amenities: off-board fare collection at Ticket Vending Machines; benches and lean rails; shelter from the elements; emergency call boxes; bike parking; real-time arrival signage and announcements; informational signage; and accessibility for individuals with disabilities and bicycles. Each station has a tall totem with the name of the location and the direction of travel. Stations on the southern side of the road are eastbound; stations on the northern side of the road are westbound. If you’re not sure which station platform to board, just look for the EASTBOUND or WESTBOUND marking on the totem. 

Accessing a curbside station is simple. Follow the sidewalk up the ramp onto the station platform. Some stations are also walk-through stations on the sidewalk, where general pedestrians will pass-through, while other stations are on wider sidewalks, permitting pedestrian flow either through or behind the station. 

Getting to median stations is as easy as crossing the street. Simply push the pedestrian button and wait for the pedestrian crossing signal to move from the curb into the median. Half-way through the crossing, enter the protected pedestrian ramp onto the station platform.

A little pedestrian safety information – please do not try to get on a median platform by crossing lanes of traffic when you don’t have the right-of-way, jumping the railing or walking down the median. Stations are safely located only at signalized intersections to provide the most secure pedestrian crossing experience. Please also do not ride your bicycle onto or through a station.

If you require emergency assistance at a station, there is a 911 emergency call box. Push the emergency button to connect with a 911 operator. If you see something suspicious, say something! GRTC also monitors these security cameras for other threats and operational issues that may occur. 

If you do not have an emergency, please do not push the 911 button! False calls are a Class 1 misdemeanor (https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title18.2/chapter6/section18.2-212/). For general assistance with riding GRTC, you can call GRTC’s Customer Service Center at 804-358-GRTC or visit RideGRTC.com for more information.

Be sure to explore the interactive map at the station! You’ll notice smart codes on the glass, which you can scan with a smart device. When you scan, a page launches about the station location, activities in the area and featured destinations nearby.

Real-time-arrival announcements keep you informed of when the next bus is coming. You can see the minutes on the overhead sign, press the button to hear an audio announcement, or watch the green arrival light rise up the totem the closer the bus gets. As tempting as it may be to get close to the edge of the platform as you anticipate the bus’ arrival, please remain behind the yellow tactile warning strip along the edge of the platform! This bumpy pad is a reminder for everyone that there is a drop-off at the edge of the platform. If you are in a mobility device, please wait at the front door entrance of the platform, which is marked black. Please arrive at Pulse stations five minutes prior to departure to complete any payment transactions. 

The bus is arriving! You’ll see and hear the bus tires make contact with the station’s rubber rail for precision docking. The Pulse bus docks level with the station platform, making it easy to roll or walk onto the vehicle. Passengers may enter and exit from either doors on the right side of the bus, but individuals in mobility devices should use the wider front door and aisle to be secured in the reserved seating space.

Please select a seat, receive mobility device assistance from the Operator, or secure yourself standing. As always, please reserve priority seats near the front of the bus for families with children, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Passengers with bikes can load onto the front three-position rack. After securing your bike, please walk back up the bike ramp and enter the Pulse.