Riding the Pulse

While on-board, GRTC offers FREE wifi access. Open your wifi settings and accept our Terms of Use to connect.

When riding the Pulse, you’ll notice some of the route operates in the middle of the road, while the rest is along the curbside. Our buses are smart, talking to the traffic signals along the way to ensure the Pulse vehicle moves safely and on-time between stations. When the Pulse bus needs to move into or out of dedicated bus-only lanes, the traffic lights will ensure all users of that intersection have the correct signalization. Typically, the Pulse bus will get a few seconds’ jump ahead of other lanes of traffic so it may merge lanes.

In the unlikely event of an emergency while on-board, please follow the Operator’s emergency directions. Do not block emergency exits. If directed to exit the vehicle, remain alert for other hazards outside the bus like other vehicles in adjacent lanes. Move to a secure location as directed and await emergency assistance.

Once you reach your destination, wait for the bus to dock with the station platform and the Operator to open the doors. Please proceed to the pedestrian exit. If you are exiting from a median station, double-check you have the pedestrian crossing signal before leaving the station. Because the lights are smart and also timed for pedestrian crossings from the station, most of the time you will have the pedestrian crossing signal indicating it’s safe to cross to the sidewalk.