Sharing the Road

Sharing the road with the new GRTC Pulse service is easy and provides safer travel than ever before on Broad and Main Streets. Some of the route operates in the middle of the road with dedicated bus-only lanes, while the rest is along the curbside in mixed-flow traffic. If you’re driving a vehicle, there are important rules of the road to follow, but most of these are already familiar to you. Please observe posted speed limits. Your traffic signals are the same as always with red, yellow and green lights. 

You will notice new bus-only traffic signals, indicating when the Pulse bus can Stop, Prepare to Stop, or Go. Our buses are smart, talking to the traffic signals along the way.

Here’s an insider tip: Pulse buses can request a green light to stay green longer. So, if you’re driving next to a Pulse bus, you’ll get the prolonged green light in your lane, too!

Do not drive into the bus-only lanes in the middle of Broad Street between Thompson and Foushee Streets. Don’t worry, you’ll see pavement markings and traffic signals clearly noting the two middle lanes as bus-only lanes.

If you need to turn left across Broad Street, you can do so safely at any of the protected green-left arrow locations along the route. Look for the dedicated left-turn lane and the left-on-green arrow. Pulse vehicles wait for permitted left-turns to finish before they get their “GO” signal.

When a Pulse bus needs to merge into or out of these median bus-only lanes, they will get a traffic signal jump ahead of you. In your vehicle, you will notice the bus get a “GO” signal while your lane is still on red. Wait for your light to turn green before going.

Downtown on Broad Street between 4th and 14th Streets, the Pulse operates in curbside bus-only lanes. However, you can use this lane to turn right onto a side street. Do not cut in front of Pulse buses; please merge into the curbside bus-only lane behind the Pulse bus and then make your right turn. Remain alert for pedestrians with the right-of-way crossing the street as you turn right.

On Main Street in the East End and Broad Street in the West End, the Pulse shares the road with you. Remain alert for Pulse buses stopping at stations on the curbside. You may either wait briefly behind the bus as it services the station, or you can pass on the left when safe. 

Always remain alert for pedestrians and bicycles, particularly at the clearly marked pedestrian crossings along the way. Thank you for driving safely and ensuring the safety of all users of the road.