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Scott’s Addition

Broad Street and Cleveland Street

Servicing the Museum District on the GRTC Pulse bus route, Scott’s Addition and the Boulevard, the Cleveland station is where old and new Richmond meet. This station hosts a variety of restaurants, local craft breweries and workout facilities unique to the neighborhood.

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Scott’s Addition:

Scott's AdditionAerial view of Scott’s Addition looking east, showing Broad Street at right and Arthur Ashe Boulevard at top, 2017 (Photo by Richie MacDonald, courtesy of the Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association)

After Maria Mayo, known as the “most celebrated Richmond belle of her time,” married Gen. Winfield Scott in 1817, the couple inherited the land around this GRTC Pulse station from her father, Col. John Mayo II. The area roughly bounded by Broad Street, Arthur Ashe Boulevard, the Acca railroad tracks and I-195 was annexed by the city of Richmond in 1914 and became known as Scott’s Addition in honor of the general. During the 20th century, Scott’s Addition’s working-class residential neighborhood transformed into a heavily industrialized area that experienced a steady decline. In recent years, however, Scott’s Addition has undergone a significant revitalization. A walk through the area will reveal restaurants, shops, tasting rooms for craft beer, cider, mead and spirits, entertainment and game venues, shared workspaces, and a flourishing population of artists, crafters and makers.

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