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Shockoe Bottom

Main Street at 24th Street

The Shockoe Bottom station on the GRTC Pulse bus route, located in the historic district of Shockoe Bottom services a myriad of businesses within this area. Shockoe Bottom is one of the City of Richmond’s oldest neighborhoods with vibrant day and night activities.

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Looking west up Main Street from Libby HillLooking west up Main Street from Libby Hill, late-19th century or early-20th century (The Valentine, Cook Collection)

In 1737, the spot where you are standing at 25th and Main streets was heavily wooded. The word “Shaccos” was an Algonquian word meaning “flat rock,” and the Powhatans used it to refer to a nearby creek with those features. Over time, Europeans changed the original spelling of “Shaccos” to “Shockoe,” and began using the word to name local features such as Shockoe Bottom and nearby Shockoe Hill. Landowner William Byrd II established the town of Richmond in 1737, when he commissioned Maj. William Mayo to survey and lay out a grid of 32 city blocks in this area, surrounded by eight to 10 suburban plots of 50-100 acres each.

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