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Staples Mill

Broad Street and Staples Mill Road

The Staples Mill station on the GRTC Pulse bus route, located almost at the border between the City of Richmond and Henrico County, offers legal services, healthcare and food options. Grabbing a late night bite eat is never a problem in this area!

PARKING: There is free on-street parking available on Chantilly St., Radford Ave. and Fitzhugh Ave. within a few blocks of the Pulse station.

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Staples Mill Road:

Staples Mill and Libbie developmentLibbie Mill development on Staples Mill Road near Broad Street, mid-20th century (The Valentine)

Staples Mill Road, located just west of the Staples Mill GRTC Pulse stations, took its name from an 1830s-era gristmill owned by the Staples family. The Staples family’s estate, known as Staples Plantation, was located on Staples Mill Road about 1.5 miles north of Broad Street. Following the Civil War, Staples Plantation was sold to Alfred Courtney, who changed its name to Dumbarton Grange after a Scottish estate owned by Courtney’s uncle. By the late 1800s, the area had become known as Dumbarton, and over the course of the 20th century, it transformed from farmland to suburbs. The Staples Mill Amtrak Station, built in 1975 about 3 miles north of Broad Street, offers service from Richmond to Boston, Norfolk, Miami, Charlotte, N.C., and cities in between. The Libbie Mill branch of the Henrico County Public Library, opened in 2015, is located off Staples Mill Road north of Broad Street, about 1 mile from the Staples Mill GRTC Pulse stations. (Staples Mill Road, 0.2 miles from Staples Mill Eastbound GRTC Pulse Station, 0.1 mile from Staples Mill Westbound GRTC Pulse Station.)

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