Fares and Rates

During the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice, GRTC is ZERO FARE. No fares are being collected at this time. 

GRTC stopped collecting fares on March 19, 2020 in response to the pandemic. 

Archived fare information from before 2020:

No matter how you pay for your fare on the bus, please first let your operator know which bus pass you want. Remember, bus operators and fareboxes do not make change. 
Ticket Vending Machines at Pulse stations issue passes that are automatically activated. Ticket Vending Machines can issue change, as well as accept credit/debit.

Pass Definitions:

  • One Ride = a solo ride going one direction.
  • One Ride Plus = one direction, requiring a connection between two buses (formerly known as a "transfer").
  • One Day Pass = unlimited rides for one transit day (until the last bus runs that night)
  • 7 Day Pass = unlimited rides for seven consecutive transit days (until the last bus runs the 7th night)
  • 30 Day Pass = unlimited rides for 30 consecutive transit days (until the last bus runs the 30th night)

Ride as much as you want using unlimited ride passes, available for one-day, 7-day and 30-day periods (consecutive days). All GRTC passes and cash based options are listed below.  GRTC passes are designed to save you time!

Passes are color-coded by their route or service type, as illustrated below. If you have a pass and need to upgrade to a higher-fare route, the upgrade fees are outlined below.

Customers may still pay with exact cash/coin.  

Customers may also pay with GRTC's Mobile Pass.

The GRTC Pulse is a "Local Route," and follows the fare guide below. 

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of this Fare Guide.

Paratransit Fare:
CARE ticket for one-way trip (City of Richmond & Henrico County residents): $3.00
CARE Plus ticket for one-way trip (City of Richmond residents): $6.00
CARE Plus ticket for one-way trip (Henrico County residents): $3.00
Book of 6 tickets (requires pre-certification and ID card): $18.00
Book of 10 tickets (requires pre-certification and ID card): $30.00
Passes and cash are not accepted on CARE vans.  Visit the CARE page for more information about paratransit fare & purchasing tickets.  

How to Use Your Bus Pass

GRTC’s Fare Media Policy
GRTC is not responsible for returning any Passes placed in the fare box by mistake.  

It is the responsibility of the customer to keep the Pass in their possession.  Lost or stolen passes will not be replaced by GRTC.

If the Pass becomes unusable (the TRIM unit cannot read it), the card must be returned to GRTC Transit System, 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23224.  The card remaining time/balance will be checked.  If a remaining value is verified, a refund check will be mailed to the customer.

If a Pass becomes unusable but is still valid, and the expiration date and time printed on the back is still legible, then the customer may simply show the pass to the operator to prove the pass is valid and ride. 

Only GRTC is authorized to make refunds.  Vendors will not make any type of refund.

If you have additional questions about GRTC’s Fare Media Policy, please call the Customer Service Center at (804) 358-GRTC (4782).