RideGRTC Rewards FAQs

Q: Which passes are eligible for Flash Your Pass?
A: Any of GRTC's Unlimited Ride Passes are eligible, no matter where you buy them (store, farebox, RideFinders, Ticket Vending Machine, Online). Not sure what they look like? Here's a quick reference (PDF).

Q: Why do I have to have an Unlimited Ride Pass to get rewarded?
A: GRTC wants to thank its loyal riders who ride often using our Unlimited Ride Passes. But it's okay if you don't have an Unlimited Ride Pass for Flash Your Pass Rewards! You can still get rewarded by shopping in the Online Transit Store.

Q: Does my Pass still have to be valid to get Rewards?
A: Nope. We're just glad you ride GRTC and are visiting a participating merchant!

Q: Does it matter what I buy from the Online Transit Store?
A: Nope! Any individual shopping through the Online Transit Store is eligible to win. You can buy Unlimited Ride Passes, the One Ride Plus Pass, or Vanpool Vouchers. 

Q: I have a GRTC transit pass through my employer or school. Can I get rewarded?
A: Absolutely! Just Flash Your Pass to get rewarded. 

Q: How do I know if a local merchant is participating in RideGRTC Rewards?
A: Check our merchant list online, or look for a RideGRTC Rewards decal on their door or window.

Q: I don't see my favorite RVA merchant on the list. How can they join?
A: Click here to let us know! We'll reach out to them.

Q: What should I do if a merchant refuses me my reward?
A: Ask to speak to the manager. It's possible the information about our new program hasn't worked its way to all employees. If you still don't get results, let us know and we will follow up.

Q: Will Rewards change?
A: We are constantly getting fresh Rewards from our Partners, as well as bringing on new merchants. Check back often!

Q: Do I ever need to surrender my Pass?
A: No! Just Flash Your Pass to get rewarded.  

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