Transit Data for Developers

Welcome Developers! Transit data is an information movement where organizations release data for free to the public. The data can be used for any purpose, without restriction as part of the public domain. The information can be used, reused and redistributed, as long as it meets GRTC's Developer License Agreement. GRTC publishes a variety of transit data, including our static GTFS feed, APIs into real-time data for Bus Tracker, as well as detailed service alert information that you'd find on our website and in our own digital signage and app.

As Open Data expands, more data sets will be available. GRTC intends to release all data allowable by law. GRTC will not release information that was not legally collected or that infringes on any privacy rights.

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Does it cost to use GRTC data?

GRTC feeds are free for use, but developers must agree to the terms and conditions of this access.

What is the format of the data?

GRTC delivers Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) content to Google for inclusion in their map services. GTFS is an open format for packaging scheduled service data. You can learn more about GTFS at Google's Google Code page.

How often is the GTFS data updated?

GRTC GTFS data is generally updated 4 times a year in line with GRTC board periods or when major schedule changes occur. An updated GTFS package is posted when new schedules are created and available.

Which routes are included in the GTFS data?

All GRTC routes are included in the GTFS data package.

Where can I download GRTC GTFS data?

GRTC GTFS data is provided in a ZIP file. You will need to complete this form and agree to the posted license agreement before you can download the ZIP file. After completing the form, a GRTC staff member will review your request and a user name and password will be emailed to you. The review process typically takes about 1 business day.

Will you help me troubleshoot?

Sorry. If we help you, it's only fair that we help everyone else, too. We simply don't have the resources for that. But you can always post questions to Google Transit Forum.

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