Spring 2024 Stop Upgrades

GRTC Planning Needs Your Help

Stop Relocation

We're working with the City of Richmond on four stop upgrades as part of Vision Zero efforts along Main St and Cary St which will include stop relocations. Exhibits for stop relocation are below, and we would like your feedback on planned changes. The stops are:

Stop 649 Cary & Rowland

Stop 1649 Main & Stafford

Stop 3676 Main & Rowland

Stop 1646 Main & Plum 

Pole-Mounted Seat Pilot

GRTC is also planning to pilot pole-mounted bus benches at three stops:

Stop 1947 North + Meredith

Stop 576 Brookland Park Boulevard + Woodcliff 

Stop 1735 Midlothian + 29th

Some print mailers requesting your feedback featured an email address that experienced technical difficulties. Those issues have been addressed! Please send (or resend) all feedback to planningcomment@ridegrtc.com before May 31st.