Press Releases

Fifth of Five! GRTC To Launch Sandston Elko LINK Zone

Richmond –  GRTC’s fifth LINK Microtransit zone will launch on July 1, providing... Read More »

Powhatan LINK Launch

Richmond –  On Monday, May 6, GRTC and representatives from the Virginia Department of Rail ... Read More »

Funding recommended for 34 GRTC projects in DRPT FY25 Draft SYIP

Today the Commonwealth Transportation Board released its FY25 Draft Six-Year Improvement Plan, which includes millions... Read More »

GRTC and City of Richmond Awarded $750,000 For North South Pulse Transit Oriented Development

Richmond – GRTC, in partnership with the City of Richmond, was awarded $750,000 by the Federal... Read More »

GRTC Announces Month of Microtransit

Richmond – GRTC announced today that three brand new zones of LINK Microtransit will launch... Read More »

Learning From The Lucas Family

    ' Richmond – GRTC concluded our 50th anniversary Black History Month with a living... Read More »

GRTC announces Marc René as Director of Finance

GRTC announces Marc René as Director of Finance

GRTC announced the hiring of Marc René as the Director of Finance. René... Read More »

Honoring The Legacy Of Rosa Parks

Richmond – On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to... Read More »

GRTC Celebrates Launch Of LINK Microtransit

GRTC Celebrates Launch Of LINK Microtransit

Richmond – Today GRTC celebrated the official launch of LINK Microtransit in the Azalea Zone!... Read More »

LINK Is Now Live

LINK Is Now Live

Richmond – The Richmond region has its first-ever microtransit zone! Monday, GRTC announced that LINK... Read More »