GRTC Approves Monumental Pay Increase for Bus Operators

GRTC Approves Monumental Pay Increase for Bus Operators Download

GRTC’s Board of Directors just approved a 40% increase in the hourly rate for bus operators, making the transit company one of the highest-paying agencies in the region for CDL drivers. The new starting pay for a GRTC bus operator is $24.91, up significantly from the previous starting pay of $17.43. GRTC and local Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 1220 leadership worked together on this change, acknowledging the extreme value of bus operators who keep the region moving, and are deserving of not just a living wage, but a respectable wage. “My goal is to ensure we are a company that supports a strong quality of life for our employees while providing equitable transportation options to the region,” CEO Sheryl Adams stated. This starting pay increase accompanies a $2,000 bonus for CDL holders and a $3,500 bonus for CDL holders with a “P” endorsement. Union President Maurice Carter stated, “We are proud that we were able to reach this agreement that supports our front-line employees. This is a step in the right direction to bring the agency back to its glory days where front-line employees felt valued.” 

Chief of Staff Adrienne Torres shared, “We are optimistic that this pay increase will positively impact growing the talent pool. All of which will help with on-time performance and the service our end users receive. Operator retention and recruitment is a crisis not unique to GRTC but impacting transit agencies all over the nation. Lisa Robinson, GRTC Bus Operator of 21 years, states, “This pay increase is good. We have excellent benefits and hopefully this will keep our new hires around and committed.”

Following the GRTC Board of Directors vote, Board Chair Tyrone Nelson stated, “Our Board has been focused on supporting GRTC to make the right business decisions that keep the company competitive and reliable options for the region. I am proud to see that our leadership team worked with ATU 1220 to come to a resolution so quickly. I think it’s a testament to the new direction we are going in. I think it’s an exciting time to be at GRTC.”

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