Statement: Incidence of Violence at Cowardin & Hull

Richmond – GRTC is aware of an incident of gun violence that occurred earlier this morning next to a GRTC bus. We would like to express our deep condolences to the family of the victim and our dismay that such an incident occurred at all.

The timeline of events, as confirmed by GRTC personnel and onboard cameras, shows that the incident occurred at the same time as a southbound 3A bus was serving bus stop 794 (Cowardin + Hull). No GRTC passengers or employees were harmed by or involved in the incident, however, due to proximity and per policy, the bus was taken out of service and GRTC supervisors were dispatched to the scene.

At this time, GRTC refers all questions to the Richmond Police Department

Update [8:43 PM]

GRTC released the following statement: GRTC continues to be one of the safest ways to move around the Richmond region, and our commitment to the safety of those on board our vehicles is our number one priority. All transit buses have, in addition to other security features, on-board cameras. We are nearing the completion of fleet-wide live streaming capacity, which is already active at Pulse Stations, and the new Downtown Transfer Station – and plan upgrades for Specialized Transportation. We can also report that incidents of violence on board GRTC vehicles have continued to decline, and physical altercations are incredibly rare and trending down.