Specialized Transportation

specialized transportation - CVAN & CAREGRTC Transit System provides its Specialized Transportation Services for those individuals in the community who require additional assistance when commuting.  The Specialized Transportation division supports CARE, CARE Plus and CARE On-Demand.  A fleet of 88 cutaway vans with seating capacities for 8-12 people and 8 sedan vehicles provides curb-to-curb transportation.

CARE and CARE Plus

CARE and CARE Plus provide curb-to-curb paratransit services to individuals with disabilities who may not be reasonably able to use GRTC fixed route bus service.

CARE On-Demand

CARE On-Demand enables CARE customers the option to utilize a same-day, direct, non-stop trip. CARE On-Demand is an optional program open to CARE customers; CARE customers are not required to use CARE On-Demand. However, you must first qualify for CARE to be eligible to utilize CARE On-Demand.