Essential Transit Infrastructure Plan

GRTC provides a range of Essential Transit Infrastructure (ETI) at stops including, but not limited to, benches, trash cans, and shelters. ETI elements are intended to provide comfort, convenience, accessibility, safety, and dignity to riders. This document is meant to outline implementation goals and strategies for the installation of ETI at GRTC local stops and transit facilities. This is one of several GRTC strategic initiatives planned that aim to address the various impediments to transit access and ultimately inequities. GRTC champions social and economic mobility by prioritizing connecting people to essential human services and needs. With proper operational and capital investment, transit is a factor that can improve overall quality of life.

GRTC is using a scoring system that considers usage and equity to determine which stops qualify for improvements.

The attached spreadsheet shows the ETI Plan Installation preliminary installation goals, considering only existing ETI and rubric thresholds. Consider this list as the starting point of the Aspirational Scenario approved by our Board of Directors (PDF) (Excel).

Next steps are:

  • GRTC staff is performing site visits to evaluate on-the-ground conditions and the feasibility of preliminary installation goals
  • GRTC staff is coordinating with our local jurisdictional partners to see where opportunities exist to collaborate on grant applications and in-progress construction projects. Ongoing projects and funding sources will inform both installation goals and timelines.

GRTC staff will wrap up this second level of analysis by early spring and publish here an updated list of installation goals by stop.

Stops recommended for ETI installation in this updated list will move on to the next steps: conceptual approval by the jurisdictions and engineering.