GRTC Service Updates: September 12, 2021

GRTC Service Updates: September 12, 2021
Pandemic service adjustments continue on select express and local routes.

GRTC service updates take effect Sunday, September 12, 2021, with continued pandemic service adjustments and routing changes on several routes. Modified schedules continue for express routes and a few local routes. However, ridership has returned to pre-pandemic levels on GRTC’s local fixed routes, and riders are advised to expect fuller buses, especially during peak commute times, and to plan essential trips only. Public timetables will be available online and in area displays in September. GRTC remains fareless under Zero Fare operations.

GRTC Chief Executive Officer Julie Timm says, “GRTC ensures thousands of essential workers daily can get to jobs, healthcare, grocery stores, and other essential services. We continue to balance required service with staff availability, and we are aggressively recruiting and hiring new staff to help us improve the reliability of our schedules. We also continue our COVID policies, including requiring face masks. Even if you’re vaccinated, you must still wear your face mask properly while using GRTC.”

Extended rides (such as joy-riding and riding beyond past your original boarding location on a single ride) are prohibited. All riders must wear a face mask over both nose and mouth throughout the entire trip, regardless of vaccination status. All buses maintain on-board hand sanitizer for use during boarding and exiting buses. Do not ride transit if presenting symptoms of illness. GRTC remains Zero Fare, and passengers must enter and exit using the rear doors unless needing Operator assistance at the front door (for example, individuals using mobility devices, passengers requesting the ramp, and families with small children). Eating and drinking on-board is prohibited. For the most complete and latest GRTC updates during this pandemic, please visit our website.

Routes 3A/B/C – Routes are renamed; all prior references to “Jefferson Davis” are replaced with “Route 1” to be consistent with road name changes recently made by localities on US Route 1. “Route 1” will appear on timepoints, schedules and bus electronic destination header signs, and at-stop blade signage will be replaced over time beginning in September.

Route 3B/111 – The Route 111 in Chesterfield County merges with the Route 3B from the City of Richmond, forming one continuous bus route from Highland Park in the City of Richmond’s Northside to John Tyler Community College in Chesterfield County, using the 3B route designation. Passengers no longer need to transfer buses at the Food Lion. NOTE: the planned southern extension in Chesterfield to PreCon is canceled until further notice; the southern end-of-the-line remains at Tyler. Disregard route and stop information south of Tyler that may appear on trip planning applications like Google. Public Timetable (PDF)

Route 4A Montrose – Service frequency remains temporarily reduced on weekdays to 30 minutes during peak and 60 minutes off-peak, and on weekends to 60 minutes all day. Public Timetable (PDF)

Route 4B Darbytown – Service frequency remains temporarily reduced on weekdays to 30 minutes during peak and 60 minutes off-peak, and on weekends to 60 minutes all day. Public Timetable (PDF)

Route 12 Church Hill – Route stop at the Temporary Transfer Plaza changes to Bay J. Public Timetable (PDF)

Route 14 Hermitage/East Main – Route stop at the Temporary Transfer Plaza changes to Bay H. Public Timetable (PDF)

Route 20 Orbital – Route uses Arthur Ashe Boulevard in both directions, no longer traveling into Scott’s Addition on W Marshall and W Clay. Public Timetable (PDF)

Route 39 Fairmount/Oakwood – Route remains canceled until further notice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers may use Route 12 to reach the Market @ 25th. Routes 7A and 7B also serve the market.

Route 77 Grove – Route detours off Grove Ave. between Robinson and Harrison; westbound buses travel on Main St., and eastbound buses travel on Cary St. Route frequency remains reduced at every 40 minutes during the pandemic. Public Timetable (PDF)

Express Route Adjustments
GRTC continues to operate modified schedules during the pandemic on most express routes. Be sure to verify trip times before commuting. Buses are assigned again to each express route in service; vans will no longer operate trips.
Routes 23x, 26x, and 27x are consolidated with the 29x for additional trips with increased express demand in Henrico’s West End. There will only be Park-N-Ride service at the Gaskins Express lot located here. To join a vanpool or carpool instead of using the 29x, please call John O’Keeffe at RideFinders at 804-474-9903.
Route 29x Gaskins Express – Route has additional trips to accommodate increased demand. Public Timetable (PDF)
The 28x White Oak Village Express remains canceled until further notice during the pandemic.  Route 7A/B can be used an alternate to and from downtown.  
The 102x Kings Dominion remains suspended until further notice.

Temporary Transfer Plaza Changes Coming Soon!
Construction impacts on 9th St. will require Bay changes and shelter removals soon. The Public Safety Building nearby will be demolished, and GRTC will not be able to use existing Bay locations within the work zone. Shelters, benches and trash cans between Clay and Leigh Sts. will be removed, and Bay locations and assignments will change. Details on the new temporary bay locations, routes serving them, and customer seating and trash cans will be available later.


Indigenous Peoples’ Day: On Monday, October 11, 2021, GRTC operates a weekday schedule without express service.

Veterans Day: On Thursday, November 11, 2021, GRTC operates a weekday schedule without express service.

Thanksgiving Day: On Thursday, November 25, 2021, GRTC operates a SUNDAY schedule.

Please send any routing questions or comments to:
Phone: (804) 358-3871
Mail: Planning Division, GRTC Transit System, 301 East Belt Boulevard, Richmond VA  23224

GRTC is a public service corporation providing mobility services in the Greater Richmond area. GRTC’s current operational budget (FY22) of $63.2 million primarily funds daily mobility operations and vehicle maintenance. GRTC provided 7.8 million trips during FY21 (July 1, 2020 – July 30, 2021).